Security department

Since the establishment of the institute in 2008, the security department has started its duty to protect the organization health because each organization requires inner and outer health to achieve its goals. Since each organization is exposed to inner and outer health threats, an high-accuracy system is needed at first to prevent bad factors from infiltration into the organization and secondly cure inner threats in time and provide the organization health. Thus, presence of security in organizational processes is to achieve these two main goals:

  1. Main and strategic scope: To develop and preserve security and productivity level of the organization to assist the goals to be achieved.
  2. Operational scope: To cooperate with managers and benefit from their consults and on time information’s, surveillance and on time in order to reach a thorough security and health all over the organization.

Hojatolah Youseliani

Head of Security department


Through each organization, security department tries to warn the employees in various ways and remind them the threats and tricks.

Through these activities this department is firstly seeking to prevent possible damages that would be so expensive for the system for sure.

And secondly, deviations and violations would be limited through this actions.

Generally, it could be stated that the duty of security department is to prevent violations and corruptions through:

– Warning or prevention role

– Editor or remediation role

– System dividing role

– Prediction and prevention of illegal movements in its covered environment (such as gatherings, sit-ins, strikes, turbulents etc.)

Prevention of deviation and violations such as:

– Violation of institution rules and regulations

– Interpretation and possible changes of rules and regulations.

– To Avoid or negligate legal duties.

– To Speed up or slow down the process for some especial cases in comparison to other people.

– To detect the factors or delinquent personnel leading to dissatisfaction.

– To prevent and impact against drugs proliferation inside institution and dormitories.

– To support legal scientific, cultural and political activities according to regulations and codes.

– To provide and update ambient records and to collect and categorize information using general and qualitative supervision on public spaces of the institution (dormitories, self-services, transportation systems etc.).

– To receive critics and suggestions of students, faculty crew and institution staff in order to improve and purify the scientific environment.

– To cooperate and preserve a consistent contact with associations and student unions in order to solve the problems and assist their legal activities with in the institution.

– To cooperate and establish required contacts with other universities and governmental organizations and systems in order to solve the problems of students, staff and faculty crew according to the security duty limits. This would be feasible only with others thorough cooperations.

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