Graphic Group

Director of the Graphic Group

Sayed Ehsan Ruholamin

Graphics group had been established in 2006 by acceptation of 25 students in a co-attended B.Sc. course at a rental place in Isfahan city. After this successful experiment, the institution managed to establish straight B.Sc. and associate degree courses of this major in the same year.

After that, according to establishment of todays place of the university and simultaneous growth and physical development of educational place, Graphics major has been also developed such that apart from previous degree courses, M.Sc. degree was established for the first time, among all governmental universities and non-profit higher education institutions as an honor of this institution.

Faculty member

Rasool Kamali Dowlatabadi

M.Sc. in imaginary communication

Seyed Ahmad Reza Mirmoghtadaei

M.Sc. in imaginary communication


M.Sc. in imaginary communication

تلفن مرکزی و اپراتور ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰

دبیرخانه ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰ داخلی 11

فاکس ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۷

ریاست ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۱

روابط عمومی۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۰

کتابخانه ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۵

اداره آموزش ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۲

امور فارغ التحصیلان  ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۹

مالی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰ داخلی 21 و داخلی 11

حراست ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۶

فرهنگی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۳

پزشک معتمد موسسه 45849700 داخلی 31

گروه گرافیک و نقاشی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۱

گروه معماری ۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۲

حفاظت فیزیکی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۳

آدرس: اصفهان ، کیلومتر 5 اتوبان معلم ، جنب پل خورزوق

کدپستی: 8347113574

1398 - موسسه آموزش عالی سپهر