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Over the course of a decade, Sepehr Higher Education Institute has been able to educate many art and crafts students in order to enhance the artistic and human resources of our beloved country, especially in Isfahan, the cradle of art, and reproduce the artistic process of the past with a new idea.

We hope that in the second decade ahead of us, we witness an expanded, capable and artistic institute in the country, region and the world with an Islamic discourse, and we expect our generous friends to help us with their guidance and suggestions, so we can achieve our desired goals.

Council for the Promotion of Higher Education from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, agreed on the establishment of Sepehr Institute of Higher Education in Isfahan at the beginning of 2005 and in February of that same year, based on the Ministry of Education Act, in order to develop higher education, and with the support from eight members of the Founding Board, our institute formally began its educational-cultural activities with the acceptance of 80 students through National Organization of Educational Testing in Diploma of Architecture, graphic art, and then with authorization, undergraduate studies in painting, graphic and cinema (scriptwriting, directing, diploma in mapping, music, theatre, and master studies) were added.

This educational institute, with the efforts of three members from the Founding Board (Dr. Nasr Abadi, Mozdbaran and late Amoozeidi), leased several office and educational units in the beginning to educate students. After five years, the main building was built with the support from two members of the Founding Board, this new building is located in the entrance of Shahin Shahr Highway and Khorzouk City in Isfahan (Sunshine City) and adjacent to Simorgh town. Based on the development plan of this educational institute and obtaining the necessary permits, it simultaneously started admitting students to undergraduate studies in architecture, graphics and painting, after which continuing education and students’ admission to professional qualifications, architecture, cartography, mapping, graphics, painting and masters studies were successfully commenced.

This institute has:

16 fields of studies in five main subcategory.

285 faculty member and academic staff.

2700 students in diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various arts disciplines.

A library with more than seven thousand specialized and Latin books.


Three computer lab for students.

Photographic and printing workshops.

Film production equipment for cinema major and equipment for other majors.

Our institute will continue its activities better than before, in line with Ministry of Science and Education goals and Council for the development of Higher Education and the office of Monitoring and Evaluation of Isfahan Province plans.

Collaboration team for preparation and development of education environment

Project Manager: Dr. Hassanali Bakhtiar Nasrabadi

Deputy Project Manager: Mr. Mohsen Mozdbaran

Design and Construction of the building: Engineer Maziar Mahmoudabadi

Supervision, Design and Execution of structure:Engineer Bakhtiar Nasrabadi _ Saeid Amini

Installations: Engineer Taheri

Keeping track of the affairs: Mr.Soltani

Isfahan Sepehr Higher Education Institute, with an issued license from the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and Council for the Development of Higher Education of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology under license number 2929/22 date 10/05/2005, commenced its activities with following purposes, as set out in the Constitution.

Promoting the level of culture and community’s knowledge with the approach of Islamic Art.

Training specialized human resources for the country.

Establishing an appropriate framework for full participation of people.

Increasing the student capacity of Isfahan Province in accordance to the principle of Comprehensive Quality Management

Providing the necessary fields for recruit and selection of native students.

Efforts to strengthen self-confidence and strengthen science production.

Scientific and artistic synergy with the formation of art associations.

The main bases for extracting the above goals are:

Attention to Islamic principles, attention to the needs of today’s society, attention to Iranian-Islamic culture with is the fruit of centuries of experience and effort, attention to philosophical foundations and attention to science, technology and contemporary ideas.

Overall assessment of the institute’s performance.

Review and approval of new courses and disciplines and proposed programs, specialized departments and councils to submit to the competent authorities for approval.

Review and approve the developed standards in order to cooperate with domestic and international governmental and non-governmental institutes, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Review and approval of the proposed educational, research and cultural programs.

Analyzing the analytical report provided by the relevant units on educative, cultural, educational, students, research and technology, support and service issues in order to provide constructive and practical solutions to address shortcomings.

Student admission and selection admission policy based on the goals and facilities of the institute and in accordance with the provisions provided by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The annual review of the scientific capabilities (manpower and equipment) of the institute and addressing the shortcomings and classifying the scientific needs and taking actions to secure them.

Referring some topics for review and comment to the specialized councils, as appropriate.

Drafting and approval of internal regulations of the Council and its committees.

Study the educational, research and student problems of the institute and provide the necessary solutions.

 Discussing the issues raised by the chair of the institute which are mentioned on the agenda of the council.

Reviewing the employment regulations and duties of faculty members and complying with the provisions of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

The institute council has held more than 170 meetings (about 500 hours)

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