Painting group

 Director of the Painting group

Dr. Hojjat Amani

Painting group had been established by assistance of professional masters in order to grow youth artists and professional experts and to introduce them as solutions of artistic and cultural demands of the country. This major was at first activated with associate, straight and discontinued B.Sc. and after a while it was consequenced by M.Sc. course.

During past years this group has developed its educational level by means of recruitment of great professors and M.Sc. teachers, holding skill booster workshops, publishment of students and professors books, conducting professional speeches and several painting exhibitions consisted of students and professors pieces and also adding professional equipment to educational workshops of the institute.

Faculty member

Abdolah Nasirian

M.Sc. of painting

Fahimeh Pirestani

M.Sc. of Art research

Alireza Baghi

Ph.D. of visual arts

Reza Tehrani

M.Sc. of painting

Alireza mohammadi milasi

PH.D in History

تلفن مرکزی و اپراتور ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰

دبیرخانه ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰ داخلی 11

فاکس ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۷

ریاست ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۱

روابط عمومی۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۰

کتابخانه ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۵

اداره آموزش ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۲

امور فارغ التحصیلان  ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۹

مالی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰ داخلی 21 و داخلی 11

حراست ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۶

فرهنگی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۳

پزشک معتمد موسسه 45849700 داخلی 31

گروه گرافیک و نقاشی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۱

گروه معماری ۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۲

حفاظت فیزیکی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۳

آدرس: اصفهان ، کیلومتر 5 اتوبان معلم ، جنب پل خورزوق

کدپستی: 8347113574

1398 - موسسه آموزش عالی سپهر