Research Vice president

Seyed Asghar Mahmoudabadi

Research Vice president

PhD. of Islamic world history


Scientific background

– Over 100 published periodical, ISI and ISC papers in National and International journals.

– Over 9 published and under publish books about history and culture.

– Sabbatical for research, article presentation and teaching in Freiburg University in Germany, 2010.

– Taking part in International Iran experts and article presentation in Saint Petersburg, 1994.

– Taking part in the 2nd international congress of Silk road effect and article presentation in Shian, China, September 2017.

Published books:

– Daftar-e-Parineh (Historical proceedings about ancient Iranian culture and policy)

– Hakhamaneshi Diplomacy – Third Edition.

– Supremacy process of Hakhamaneshi government and revolution of histography in ancient Greece.

– Sasani Empire through Islamic and Western historians’ reports.

– Iran in Sasani era.

– The fire that never dies (Historical and cultural reports).

– Iran presence in ancient world.

– History of Isfahan occupations and industries.

– Structure of Greeks, Ashkanies and Romans triangle in Iran (Has won the best periodical article prize in history and geography in 2015).

– Administration of research units related to the institution.

– Investigation and evaluation of institution activities through national development framework in higher education section in order to be suggested in presidium.

– To perform necessary investigations and to make decisions about research activities and to coordinate the program strategies and main research policies in faculties, research units and other reseach fields of institution.

– To support new capacities to participate in science, research and technology production. To commercialize science and to produce knowledge-based wealth.

– To develop the relationship with industry.

– To provide annual cultural report to be represented to head of institution.

– To contact other national and abroad institutions and universities in order to cooperate in research activities and to exchange scientific services.

– To provide a research program and to present scopes and determine research priorities as mid-term and long-term programs in order to be presented in research committee of the institution.

– To perform studies required to evaluate research activities and annual performance of the institution.

– Effective cooperation of the institution in science, technology and knowledge-based wealth production cycle.

– To supervise all institution publications.

– To supervise educational-experimental, short-term research course programs.

– To supervise all research activities of institution, library and data bases.

– To supervise the contract processes and passed study designs of faculty.

– To contribute with in scientific, cultural and social services presentation, holding scientific seminars and conferences and also with in all research contracts between this institution and other institutions and universities.

– Cooperation with educational vice president in order to provide national or abroad sabbatical for faculty crew according to regulations.

Alireza Mohammadi Milasi

Research manager

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