Research Vice president

Seyed Asghar Mahmoudabadi

Research Vice president

PhD. of Islamic world history


Scientific background

– Over 100 published periodical, ISI and ISC papers in National and International journals.

– Over 9 published and under publish books about history and culture.

– Sabbatical for research, article presentation and teaching in Freiburg University in Germany, 2010.

– Taking part in International Iran experts and article presentation in Saint Petersburg, 1994.

– Taking part in the 2nd international congress of Silk road effect and article presentation in Shian, China, September 2017.

Published books:

– Daftar-e-Parineh (Historical proceedings about ancient Iranian culture and policy)

– Hakhamaneshi Diplomacy – Third Edition.

– Supremacy process of Hakhamaneshi government and revolution of histography in ancient Greece.

– Sasani Empire through Islamic and Western historians’ reports.

– Iran in Sasani era.

– The fire that never dies (Historical and cultural reports).

– Iran presence in ancient world.

– History of Isfahan occupations and industries.

– Structure of Greeks, Ashkanies and Romans triangle in Iran (Has won the best periodical article prize in history and geography in 2015).

Fahimeh Pirestani

Research manager

– Administration of research units related to the institution.

– Investigation and evaluation of institution activities through national development framework in higher education section in order to be suggested in presidium.

– To perform necessary investigations and to make decisions about research activities and to coordinate the program strategies and main research policies in faculties, research units and other reseach fields of institution.

– To support new capacities to participate in science, research and technology production. To commercialize science and to produce knowledge-based wealth.

– To develop the relationship with industry.

– To provide annual cultural report to be represented to head of institution.

– To contact other national and abroad institutions and universities in order to cooperate in research activities and to exchange scientific services.

– To provide a research program and to present scopes and determine research priorities as mid-term and long-term programs in order to be presented in research committee of the institution.

– To perform studies required to evaluate research activities and annual performance of the institution.

– Effective cooperation of the institution in science, technology and knowledge-based wealth production cycle.

– To supervise all institution publications.

– To supervise educational-experimental, short-term research course programs.

– To supervise all research activities of institution, library and data bases.

– To supervise the contract processes and passed study designs of faculty.

– To contribute with in scientific, cultural and social services presentation, holding scientific seminars and conferences and also with in all research contracts between this institution and other institutions and universities.

– Cooperation with educational vice president in order to provide national or abroad sabbatical for faculty crew according to regulations.

Members of the Research Council

Mohsen Mozdbaran

Somayeh Heydari

Seyed Asghar Mahmoudabadi

Hassan Ali Bakhtiar

Hamid Ranjbar

Sayed Ehsan Ruholamin

Afrooz Rahimi Ariaei

Fahimeh Pirestani

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روابط عمومی۴۵۸۴۹۷۱۰

کتابخانه ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۵

اداره آموزش ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۲

امور فارغ التحصیلان  ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۹

مالی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۰ داخلی 21 و داخلی 11

حراست ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۶

فرهنگی ۴۵۸۴۹۷۰۳

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